Curious about the status of your personal and professional satisfaction?
Try out these quick assessments.

JOB SATISFACTION – If you answer “YES” to more than half of these questions, you might want to begin taking control of your JOB and CAREER LIFE.
1.  Are you struggling in your corporate job?
2.  Are you concerned that today’s economy is putting your current job and maybe even your career at risk?
3.  Does it seem like every day you go to work you are experiencing boredom, fear, uncertainty, frustration?
4.  Is your passion for your job vanishing?
5.  Do you feel like you are totally invisible to those who make decisions on work assignments or promotions?
6.  Are you no longer getting the high profile projects and you feel your job may be at a standstill?
7.  Are you concerned that your skills are no longer up to the increasing requirements from clients and upper management?
8.  Is your relationship with your staff, boss or co-workers negatively affecting you at work?
9.  Do you feel like you are overworked and stressed out?
10. Do you never have time for yourself because you are always at work?

Count the checks in the “YES” and “NO” columns. If you have more than 3 checks in the “YES” column, this might be the right time to invest in a coach/mentor.

CTI Assessment Wheel

The following has been provided by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) to assess your satisfaction in your professional and personal life.

 THE CTI Assessment Wheel

This tool measures your level of satisfaction and range of expression in personal areas. As you work through the Assessment Wheel, you will discover areas of success and areas you may want to improve. Click on the wheel shown below to print the questionnaire.