Personal Branding

Personal Branding in the Workplace

Have you ever found yourself lying awake at night worrying about:

  • another plum assignment that was given to someone else;
  • a promotion you missed out on;
  • the possibility of becoming the newest fatality of corporate “downsizing”?

Picture the alternative future you can create:

  • Your name is at the top of the short list for a plum project.
  • Decision makers consider you a strong contender for the next promotion.
  • You are too valuable to be cut during another company reorganization.
  • You are recognized and rewarded for your work.

That future is yours for the making. 

A universal reason corporate people do not advance is a discrepancy between how they see themselves and how they are perceived by decision makers.  Their perception of you is your personal brand.

Do you know how you’re being perceived in your company?

Do decision makers see you as the best person for the job or just another worker-bee?

Worse than that, do they see you as expendable? Are you seen as a rising star or someone past your peak? Your personal brand is embedded in the perceptions of those around you.

How others perceive you in the workplace may not be the actual truth. However, to your boss, peers, staff, and customers, perception is reality.

Discover why you’re not on the radar screen of decision makers and how you can change that. Identify what you’re doing that makes some people love working with you. Uncover what’s holding you back. Then, create a plan to take advantage of “the good” and jettison “the bad and the ugly.”

Take control of your PERSONAL BRAND.

Personal Branding in the Workplace

Whether you know it or not, you already have a personal brand. In fact, you’ve always had one. We see other people’s personal brands all the time. Think of a baby who is called good or fussy before he or she is even six months old. One teenager might be considered studious, while another is considered quiet or a trouble maker, or a class clown.

How others perceive you may surprise you.  It could also provide you with the information you need to align the perceptions of those around you with the authentic you.

As part of the “Personal Branding in the Workplace” workshop, you have access to the 360Reach personal branding assessment. This assessment is the first and leading personal branding assessment and has been used by almost a million people around the globe. The workshop includes:

  • Six webinars filled with “aha” generating information covering:
    • personal branding,
    • your 360Reach Assessment results,
    • individualized personal action plans to maximize your personal brand
  • Access to two online 360Reach Assessments designed just for you
    • One administered the first week of the workshop
    • A second one available one year after completion of the workshop
  • Reports containing the results from both of your assessments
  • One 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with our personal branding expert
  • A full year of online access to your action plan
  • The “Personal Branding in the Workplace” course workbook
  • A copy of “Career Distinction – Stand Out By Building Your Brand” by William Arruda and Kirsten Dixson

 Does your personal brand reflect who you really are?

Is it supporting or sabotaging your career? Let’s face it.
Not too many of us really know how others perceive us.

 Take control of your PERSONAL BRAND.

Personal Branding in the Workplace

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