Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Workshops (MBTI)

How many times have you felt that you work so well with some people and yet wonder where in the world others came from?  Have you ever felt out of sync around coworkers or even your own family? Understanding who we are and what motivates us is key to having a successful and fulfilled life in the workplace and at home. Equally important is learning how to understand and appreciate others.  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) focuses on our own preferences and how we relate to those with different preferences.  It is the most widely used personality instrument in the world bringing a greater understanding of how to successfully understand, live, and work with others.

An “Introduction to MBTI®” half day workshop provides you with tools to discover your personality type, your preferences, and why your type is critical to our world. It also explores other personality types to help you understand why you get along so well with some and head straight towards chaos with others. Hands on exercises help you see in a humorous and memorable way how opposite types view and react to the world. Discovering who we are and why we do the things we do can be one of the most enlightening learning activities we’ll ever participate in.

(Maximum class size – 50)

Half day workshops held at your site begin at $2,500 for the first 15.
$150 for each additional attendee.

Full day workshops held at your site begin at $3,000 for the first 15.
$175 for each additional attendee.

Final pricing is dependent on the size of the group, the length of the workshop and customization required to reach your objectives for the program.

Additional fees for travel outside the Charlotte, NC area will be based on distance and number of class days.

Advanced MBTI® Workshops: MBTI® provides a powerful template for understanding how people lead and whom they will follow. It also provides an effective tool to increase the positive impact on human factors that keep your organization good when it could be great. Other MBTI® workshops available to be taught at your site include:

  • Using MBTI® with Managers & Leaders
  • Building Teams with MBTI®
  • MBTI® and Retention
  • Dealing with Change and Resistance
  • The Role of MBTI® in Resolving Conflict
  • The Impact of MBTI® Dynamics on Successful Teams
  • Improved Problem Solving by Understanding MBTI®
  • Using MBTI® to Identify Individual and Organizational Blind Spots

Contact Linda if you would like additional “Introduction to MBTI®” half day workshop or one of the advanced MBTI® workshops to your site.

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