Meet Linda Fossum, CPCC

Linda’s Personal Brand Statement:  Using her corporate experience and love of creating human diamonds out of rough stones, Linda works with individuals in corporate America to exceed their own expectations of career success through strategic and tactical career planning.

Personal Brand Bio:  Linda Fossum is a corporate career coach & mentor who leads people to break away from the pack and stand out in their career in corporate America. Her corporate experience, energy, and creativity are perfect complements to her client’s desire for career success. Linda’s energy and enthusiasm are catchy and her ability to co-author personal strategic plans uncanny. It’s almost impossible to sit back and do nothing to build your future while working with Linda.

Linda’s ability to help others find the best in themselves and coaching them to utilize all their strengths make her a sought after coach and mentor. Throughout her career as manager and director of training departments in large Fortune 500 companies, Linda coached and mentored executives, middle managers, and high potential staff to become more successful as they led, managed, and produced within their work environment.

Corporate Career History:  Linda worked within Fortune 500 companies such as Target, Land ‘O Lakes, Carlson Co., Deluxe Check, and First Data Corporation for more than 26 years. She left her last corporate position as U.S. Director of IT Training to focus on her passion for developing individuals with high potential.  Linda now works nationwide with Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, and individuals who want to reach their potential within a fast paced corporate environment.

In addition to gaining experience in corporate management and training, Linda received her Certified Professional Co-active Coaching (CPCC) certification through Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  She is also a certified to deliver 360Reach assessments.  Linda is a certified MBTI® (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) facilitator and uses this assessment as a tool for coaching & mentoring as well as delivering on–site training.

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I would like to introduce you to Yvonne T. Ryan, a guest facilitator, coach, and mentor with

Yvonne Ryan, Founder and President of Leader’s Edge CA, spent nearly 30 years developing her understanding of what constitutes good leadership (and how best to apply it in a technical environment). While working in a variety of engineering and management positions from engineering team leader to acting Vice-President of Engineering, Yvonne gained an intimate understanding about the in-and-outs of middle management (and has the battle scars to prove it).

Yvonne’s experiences as a manager, mentor, and educator – and her ability to aid the recovery of companies and projects in crisis – eventually led her to transition into a full-time career in coaching, education, and facilitation. (We knew you’d be wondering what would lead an engineer into this line of work — so now you know!) Yvonne’s success in getting positive results with both technical and non-technical leaders has demonstrated the validity of her practical, no-nonsense approach.

In addition to plying her leadership skills across a wide range of industries, including EDA, manufacturing, aerospace, biotechnology, computer language and translator design, and business systems, Yvonne is often called upon to assist individuals and organizations as a group and meeting facilitator, a mediator, an Instructor-of-Trainers, and an instructional designer specializing in experiential and online learning.

Notable firms that have employed Yvonne’s expertise in leadership, management, and communication have included Management Task Force, Inc.; Department of Transportation – UMTA (Washington, DC); Columbine Systems; Martin Marietta Data Systems; Northrop Aircraft Corporation; Anaconda; SPR, Inc.; Fairchild Advanced Processor Division; Valisys Corporation; Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems; Vantage Analysis Systems; Viewlogic Systems, Inc.; LSI Logic; Cadence Design Systems; Synopsys; Escalade Corporation; Consortium of Girl Scout Learning Facilitators; Dining for Women, the Society of Women Engineers; SLAC; and Schmahl Science Workshops.